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Kitchen Design Considerations

The kitchen is an essential part of every household. It is where fond memories of family gatherings are made and enjoyable discussions usually take place.

If you are planning to renovate your kitchen or want a brand new kitchen design, you will need a licensed contractor to oversee its construction. This is usually governed by the guidelines provided by the QBCC which renovators, builders, and installers follow.

Essentially, it is quite a challenge when designing, constructing, or renovating a kitchen. Seeking the assistance of kitchen designers in Brisbane like Rod’s Kitchens make things easy. Such licensed kitchen designers are usually familiar with the Building Code of Australia, the Australian Standards, and any current related legislation that assists during the process of designing.


Good design involves planning the strategic location of common areas such as the sink, refrigerator, and cooktop, and oven.  Fixtures should also be considered especially when extra space is required in the new layout.

Every main work zone should have sufficient space, especially for food preparation. Areas for lifting, carrying, walking, and cleaning should not be too wide to minimize unnecessary movements when cooking.

Doors and windows

Placement of doors and windows must be well-considered depending on the kitchen users. Available space must be maximized so that kitchen doors and windows are designed comfortably for the family members.

Kitchen materials

Selecting kitchen materials should be handy. They should be easily cleaned, stain-resistant, and long-lasting.


Installation of several work areas is very important. Two work areas make life easier for two people working in the kitchen at the same time.


Kitchen sinks should be positioned similarly with the same height as the work surface. Installing a sink near a window provides natural lighting. Dishwashers should be near the sinks.


Cooking utensils and food dishes should be within easy reach where frequently used items are located on benchtops. Heavy pans and pots should be near the sink and the stove.

For those wanting to upgrade their kitchens, Rod’s Kitchens provides assistance in designing your dream kitchen with a reliable customer service team standing by for your project requirements.

Rod’s Kitchens have been specialising in designing and installing custom-built kitchens since 1979 from our Underwood factory, and as of 2008 at our new and bigger premises at Meadowbrook that includes our Brisbane Showroom.

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