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Rod’s Kitchens is the leading custom kitchen builder and fitting company in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Ipswich and Tweed Heads in NSW.

We have been designing and installing custom built kitchens since 1979 from our Underwood factory, and as of 2008 at our new and bigger premises at Meadowbrook including our Brisbane Showroom. Visit our stunning new showroom and talk to the team about your dream custom kitchen.

Offering the perfect solution when it comes to custom kitchens, you can be sure of the highest quality, whether you’re looking at a traditional custom kitchen or a contemporary custom kitchen, we can help.

In our forty years in business, we’ve learned that no two kitchens are the same. Our customers vision is the most important factor in designing a new custom kitchen. From the choice of creative team and builders, to the choice of materials used, we are here to help you choose from a wide range of customizable kitchen designs.

You don’t need to have a huge budget or the most elaborate architectural designs, the best custom kitchens are designed when our team collaborates with you to create your dream kitchen.

The best team to bring your custom kitchen to life

The kitchen holds so much importance today. It’s a multi-purpose space that facilitates bonding and allows you to create heart-warming memories with your friends and family. It’s the true heart of any home.

We build creative, yet practical and considered custom kitchens for your home. Our team is made up of the most talented individuals and you will be engaged at every step of the kitchen design process. We’re talking about our expert team of highly creative kitchen designers and QBCC-licensed builders.

Rod’s Kitchens are fully customised to be aesthetically stunning whilst also being practical and functional within the desired space. Our expert team will ensure you have the absolute best design even if you are limited for space.

Visit our kitchen showroom for more information or get in touch with us today.

frequently asked questions

Here are some questions to ask yourself before choosing a custom kitchen.
1. What is my budget for a custom kitchen?
2. What is my design taste? (modern, traditional, colour, finishes, etc.)
3. What are my preferences?
4. How soon do I need my custom kitchen designed and installed?
5. Would I spend more for nicer and more stylish cabinets, Benchtops, Appliances?
A kitchen designer is an important part of the team when it comes to building standard kitchens. They’re professionals with many years of experience. All of our kitchen designers at Rod’s Kitchens understand every detail to do with kitchen styles, shapes, functions, and finishes. Non-kitchen designers may not understand the intricacies of different product lines and layouts involved in the kitchen building.
Yes. If you just want us to handle the custom kitchen design for your project, we can work that out for you. Working with Rods Kitchens allows you to take full advantage of all our services. Our service breaks down renovating and remodelling into various segments. So we can work on kitchen designs for you.


Rod’s Kitchens bring brilliance and creativity into building your custom kitchen. We assure you a standard kitchen that is first class. A kitchen designed to meet all your needs and those of your family.

We’re not after a huge budget, we’re more focused on helping you bring your vision for your new custom kitchen to life. And we’re doing that with a budget you can afford.

We’re licensed with the QBCC and we have our QBCC-licensed builders on the team. Our workmanship comes with a 10 year guarantee which means you can enjoy peace of mind working with us.

We’re there for you every step of the way. From the first point of contact to the final delivery. We’re committed to making sure you can continue your busy lifestyle whilst we take care of everything else.

From custom kitchen designs to installations and fitting, we’re committed to giving you nothing but the best. Contact us for more details.
Rod’s Kitchens have been specialising in designing and installing custom-built kitchens since 1979 from our Underwood factory, and as of 2008 at our new and bigger premises at Meadowbrook that includes our Brisbane Showroom.
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