We aim to make the process of ordering and installing a kitchen as seamless and stress free as possible. We follow a tried and tested set of steps that help ensure we get the kitchen you’ve dreamed of. The following provides an overview of each stage in the process and what to expect.

If you like the sound of what we’re all about and would like a quote, please ring Rods and one of our designers Tyler, Robert or Bill will ring you back within 24 hours to make an appointment at your house. They will leave you with a plan of your kitchen at that time and within 48 hours a specifications sheet, all fully priced up and emailed over to you for review. If you have any feedback on these, we are only too happy to work with you on this.
So you’ve had our designer come out to give you a quote and now you want to proceed with your new kitchen. The following steps will help you to understand what to do next and when.

  1. You’ll be required to pay your 10% deposit.
    You will have been given a Information Pack either by our Showroom Staff or your Designer at time of quote; this pack contains information that can answer many concerns you may have. Please look at the sizes of drawers and pantry shelves also in the red information folder. When the final measure takes place, you will be asked for your drawer height preferences. If you are in doubt, the check measurer will assist you.
  3. Colours & handles will need to be selected prior to check measure. This is done in the showroom with one of our helpful Showroom Staff who will guide you through the choices available to you. No appointment is necessary, but you must bring in your latest paperwork. That way the showroom staff will know exactly what to show you.
  4. Appliances must be chosen prior to final check measure. Our Showroom Staff will be happy to assist you. We have a range of appliances displayed in our showroom or you can choose your own.
    1. If you are purchasing your own appliances, have them delivered to your house about 2 weeks before the kitchen installation date. Your check measurer will go through the appliances list with you when he is on site and advise you of any appliances we need delivered to our factory for specialist fitting.
    2. If you haven’t already purchased your appliances, shop around and get your best price. Then contact our Showroom Staff and let them know what prices you have and let’s see if we can purchase them for less, and help you save money.

NOTE: All your choices need to be made prior to your check measure


The next phone call you receive will be from our Production Manager to book in your check measure. Depending on our workload, this can be anywhere between 1 day to 2 weeks after you have given us the official go-ahead.

  1. If you wish to make any changes, please contact your designer directly, before check measure day.
  2. Your check measurer will confirm your colour, design & go over everything with you.
  3. Once the check measurer gets back to the office, he orders all the materials needed for your kitchen.


You will receive a call from our Production Manager who will confirm your install date.
We will contact you about 1 week before the installation is due to confirm everything is on schedule.

The installers arrive from approximately 7:00AM to 7.30AM, trades will also arrive at this time.

The installer will fit sink and hot plates into place and then the trades will re-connect them (usually that afternoon).

The kitchen installer will fit all units. The Stone Mason will come to template (normally the next day). They will explain where the joins will be and confirm what type of edges etc. The Stone Masons will take the under mount type sink away (if applicable). The Stone Mason will return 5-10 working days later and install the bench tops. The trades will return and connect the sinks, hot plates etc.
NOTE: Under mount sinks cannot be connected on the same day the stone is installed. The kitchen will not be able to be used until then.

Tile splash backs will follow bench tops. The tiler will call to set a date to install the tiles. The best way to choose tiles is to wait until the bench tops are in. Mosaic tiles will also attract additional charges due to the extra work involved.

Glass splash backs: Walls behind Glass splash backs need to be heat shielded as glass will transfer heat to the wall behind.
Glass splash backs with gas hot plate? We do not recommend putting glass behind gas hot plates, as in some cases the naked flame may break your glass splash back or bubble the paint & it would not be covered by the warranty.

Convection microwaves use different technology to traditional microwaves and will require massive ventilation spaces around them and most times end up sitting on the bench top instead of being in a wall cupboard.

When the ceramic hotplates are installed, you may find the cut out is larger than the hotplate mechanics enclosure and that the hotplates are not clamped down.

Induction cook tops have become popular as they heat up very quickly. However, they also demand more power to run them. Your designer will warn you of the possibility that you may need to upgrade the electrical circuit.

Gas hot plates will require the range hood to be higher off the bench top. (This is as per the Australian Standards 1996). Instead of the standard 605mm, they’ll be off the bench top by 720mm to the bottom of the overhead which will not be in line with the rest of the overheads.

When choosing a range hood and you don’t want to duct it, you’ll need a FRONT VENTING MODEL not just a recirculating one if the cupboards are going to the ceiling. Normal recirculating is OK if the cupboards are only 600mm high. The range hood & some appliances will be required at our factory so the tradesman can fit them as they build the cabinet. Under the Australian Standardscanopies must be ducted where possible.

When it comes to your kitchen cabinets and bench tops, we can assure you that the price will not change unless an alteration is made to the plan or you change the material type.

If we are supplying you with the relevant trade’s people who will undertake the plumbing, electrical work etc., we can only quote for what we can see, or what you request. If you ask a trade’s person to undertake work not included in your kitchen quote, you will be charged separately for this.

Stress is the biggest killer! Rods Kitchens will take as much stress out of
the process as humanly possible to make this process
an enjoyable and exciting one.

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