Kitchen Lighting Mistakes to Avoid

Kitchen Lighting Mistakes to Avoid

Kitchen Lighting Mistakes to Avoid

How you use lighting throughout your home can go a long way towards creating the type of atmosphere that you want. Get it right and you’ll find yourself walking into a space that is warm, hospitable and cosy. Get it wrong and you might mistake your surroundings for an office cubicle. The above is especially true when it comes to the kitchen, as lighting design can make the difference between a nice layout and something really special.

Want to know which mistakes you should avoid? Check out this blog from the experts at Rod’s Kitchens.

Ambient kitchen lighting

If you want an even level of light in your kitchen, then ambient lighting is the best option for you. This style can be used to illuminate a space wonderfully, either in a dim or bright way – which makes it a great choice for kitchens that may otherwise be quite dark. Downlights are a good light to use here and provide for plenty of design versatility. They are also cheap and energy efficient to run.

What to avoid

Downlights can create a great atmosphere, but remember to space them far enough apart so as to avoid creating an environment that is too bright. At the same time, you’ll need to make sure they aren’t too far apart, as this will lead to gaps between washes of light forming. Our tip? Always speak to a professional designer for the best results.

Accent lighting

Show off unique features such as artwork and backing boards to really create a unique affect. Accent lighting works by highlighting a feature that deserves more attention than it would otherwise get. When properly done, this technique can lift your space and give it a high-end architectural touch that will more than impress guests. You can use strip lighting to emphasise a favourite painting or under-cabinet lighting to showcase something that sits inside.

What to avoid

It’s important to choose the right brightness to ensure that your much-loved something doesn’t become an eyesore. How can you do this? By getting in touch with an experienced designer that knows lighting like the back of their hand. Remember that you’ll always have the final say, however it never hurts to get a second opinion, especially from someone who does this for a career.

Natural lighting

Everyone wants to bring a splash of natural light into their kitchen, and the good news is that this is more achievable than ever. Two of the best ways to achieve this is by having plenty of windows throughout your space and to have a skylight fitted overhead. In many cases this comes down to the existing architecture and layout of your home, however by working with a professional team you can often achieve impressive results with renovations and new design add-ons.

What to avoid

Natural light is a great way to liven up your kitchen, but it’s important to understand that it all comes down to balance. For instance, if the fittings, appliances and finishes throughout your kitchen are susceptible to sun damage, then too many windows may create an issue. You’ll also want to be mindful that come night time certain elements will change. For instance if your splashback requires natural light to look amazing, then this might not be a reality when the sun goes down.

Speak to us about creating the right look for your home

If you want to work with an expert team to create a truly special space, then get in touch with Rod’s Kitchens. Our professional team has years of experience bringing dream design ideas to life. We can use everything from LED strip lights to under cabinet lights that look amazing and always impress.

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