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Kitchen Design Priorities: Practicality and Style

Practicality is the first priority when planning a new kitchen design. When remodeling a kitchen design, you should consider having sufficient space, good lighting, and proper ventilation to enable comfortable mobility around the kitchen and conduct all cooking-related activities with ease.

Kitchen Design


A well-planned kitchen design should have a spacious environment that involves both floor area and storage. Different kitchen sizes suit various home types depending on the homeowner’s preference.

Space is related to the kitchen layout. The layout identifies the ease of movement and speed that help to get all timely food preparations. Having discreet storage spaces adds appeal to the kitchen removing bulky compartments that make the room look cluttered.

A spacious and well-maintained kitchen design is a refreshing experience, especially if the kitchen vicinity has well-arranged utensils and equipment.


Good lighting in the kitchen promotes safety, comfort, and ease at work. Balance is always a key. A glaring room with too much light may damage the eyes. Purchasing bulbs with the right wattage placed high up in the ceiling or low lighting with the correct warmth are necessary for the kitchen. But natural light is always the best option. Letting the sunlight illuminate your home saves energy.


Style is a major factor in making the kitchen design more pleasing to the eyes. Depending on the floor space available such as a U-shaped kitchen, L-shaped, or galley, this will help in planning the best room design. Consulting a popular kitchen designer like Rod’s Kitchens will make the design planning effortless given their expertise and a pool of talented kitchen designers.

Employing a renowned designer and fitter with a good track record will surely provide a suitable Kitchen Design Brisbane that works well for you.

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