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Kitchen Countertop Trends You Shouldn’t Miss This 2022

Kitchen Countertop Trends You Shouldn’t Miss This 2022

Kitchen countertops are the most critical part of a kitchen. They are what you see first when you walk in and are the focal point of any room. Trends in kitchen countertops have been changing over the years and there are many different trends that we can look forward to this 2022.

In this latest article, we will learn about 2022’s kitchen countertop trends in materials, colours, design, and tips should you wish to have a new or custom-built kitchen or a kitchen facelift.

What Are The Most Popular Kitchen Countertop Materials?

Having a nice kitchen countertop depends highly on the material used. When we talk about kitchen countertops, the primary considerations include durability and aesthetics.

According to a survey conducted by Kitchen and Bath Design, the following are the top 5 materials kitchen owners and builders consider:

  1. 1. Quartz
  2. 2. Quartzite
  3. 3. Granite
  4. 4. Wood
  5. 5. Solid Surface

What Are The Most Popular Colours in Kitchen Countertops Right Now?

Colours are another element that most kitchen owners, designers, and builders look at when it comes to kitchen countertops. Colours add accent to your kitchen by matching your appliances, creating kitchen space illusion, or illuminating the look of your kitchen.

In the same survey conducted by Kitchen and Bath Design, the top 7 colours that most owners, designers, and builders prefer are:

  1. 1. White or Cream
  2. 2. Grey
  3. 3. Black
  4. 4. Blue
  5. 5. Brown
  6. 6. Green
  7. 7. Red

Most of these colours easily pair up with most kitchen appliances, are easy to find, and add a classy look to your entire kitchen.

What are the Best Design Ideas for Your Kitchen Countertop?

Kitchen counters are often overlooked, but they play a crucial role in the overall look and function of your kitchen. They provide a place to prep food, store utensils, and serve guests. The design of your kitchen countertops can also affect the overall look of your home.

Your kitchen countertops should complement the rest of your kitchen, rather than compete with it. In this article, we will go over the top kitchen countertop trends so you know which design to pick should you need a new kitchen installation or remodelling this year.

Butcher Block  

Butcher Block countertops are usually made out of wood and can have a variety of patterns, colour shades, and grain styles. They are made from wood pieces glued together depending on a specific pattern.

Although butcher blocks can spell higher costs, some kitchen owners prefer them because of their aesthetic value.

Porcelain Slab

Porcelain slab kitchen countertop is always a popular material plus they offer practicality in terms of withstanding stains, scratches, and burns. Porcelain slabs can also offer marble or granite-like surfaces according to the thickness you wish to implement.

Built Edges

Built edges can create a thicker countertop illusion. Commonly, kitchen countertops only have 2-3cm thickness, so if you want a thicker-looking one, having build edges countertops can do the trick.

Waterfall Island

Waterfall islands usually have a 90-degree angle at the edge. They create a sleek look suiting most contemporary kitchen designs.

Large Island / Multiple Island

Most kitchen owners prefer a larger working space when it comes to food prepping and cooking. Large or multiple islands enable them to move comfortably, reach all kitchen materials or ingredients, and enjoy the spacious kitchen look.

When to Hire a Kitchen Designer and Builder

Knowing what’s in and what’s out in kitchen countertop designs can help you make your kitchen look at its best. However, without the right people to execute the design, it may be hard to achieve the look you have visualised for your kitchen.

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