Choosing the Right Benchtop Material for your Kitchen

Choosing the Right Benchtop Material for your Kitchen

Choosing the Right Benchtop Material for your Kitchen

Making your choice of material for your new kitchen benchtop isn’t easy. There’s a lot to consider, and plenty of clients let us know that they’ve felt the pressure to get it right. But we’re here to help you. At Rod’s Kitchens, we got decades of experience in helping clients all over Brisbane build out kitchen spaces that they’ve loved. And guidance on the best suited materials for your kitchen benchtops is all part of the service. 

Dive on in here with us and get our top tips for choosing the benchtop material that is right for your new kitchen. We’re going to take a look at the three big details you want to consider and give you some ideas to get you going.


First things first; budget. And when it comes to doing a renovation, the first thing is almost always going to be the budget. Something we’ve noticed is that plenty of clients don’t tend to account for exactly what their budget should be covering. This is an important step, because it’ll help you keep everything under control through your kitchen renovation.

Your budget should factor in things like labour, installation and any other side matters that might be particular to your home and your choice of material. Understanding that different materials are going to bring their own costs with them (stone is harder to cut and edge than timber) is an important step toward finding the benchtop material that you’re looking for.


A benchtop is a benchtop, right? Well, yes and no. When it comes to finding the materials, you should know that different benchtop materials will respond differently to different interactions. This will shape your day-to-day and what you feel comfortable doing in your kitchen.

Stone will be the forever the solid option that will stand up to just about everything. The treatments and coatings used to finish timber benchtops will sometimes get marked by things like hot pots and pans but are otherwise pleasant to the touch. A stainless steel benchtop won’t be damaged by heat, but it will show every streak and fingerprint. Materials like engineered quartz can give you the best of both worlds for cost and durability.


Aesthetics are important. There’s no getting around that one. But getting it right isn’t so simple as choosing a material that you like the look of! You’ve got to think about the context your kitchen is going into. Neutral colours are a good and safe bet, they’ll also make it easier to change things up with decorations and other changes down the track as your tastes change.

But don’t be afraid to do something different either! We love the look of countertops that play around with a contrast or interesting splash of colour. If you have a unique idea you’re keen to try out, you can talk to one of our designers about making it happen.

Some ideas to get you going

Quartz Benchtops:

Quartz can be engineered to suit your kitchen beautifully. Non-porous, durable and available in a range of colours and tones. At an attractive price point compared to your other kitchen benchtop choice, you can’t go wrong with this material!

Timber or Timber Laminate:

Some might say that a timber benchtop is a little old fashioned, but we love the look of a timber grain in a modern kitchen. You can save on costs and ensure durability with a timber laminate with a composite timber board inner for the best of both looks and durability.


Not as weird as it sounds! Polished concrete can be a beautiful material for your kitchen countertop. This material looks great when used in contrast to timber features and open shelving. No need to worry about making it last either!

Polymer Resin Benchtops:

Made of either a basic acrylic polymer on its own, or blended with natural minerals, these benchtops are a breeze to maintain. And they’re an incredibly versatile option to boot!

Get in touch with us at Rod’s Kitchens

At Rod’s Kitchens, we have a wealth of experience working with third-party contractors of your choosing. So, if you’ve found something you want to try out, rest assured that we’re the team that can work with a third-party supplier to make it happen.

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