Building a Brand-New Kitchen – Let’s Talk Budgets

Building a Brand-New Kitchen – Let’s Talk Budgets

Building a Brand-New Kitchen – Let’s Talk Budgets

At Rod’s Kitchens we take pride in designing and building beautiful kitchens for our customers. One of the most common questions we get is about budgeting. When looking to build a new kitchen, how much money do you need to put aside? There is a lot to consider, but we have over 40 years of experience in building custom kitchens. If anyone has the knowledge and experience to help you figure out what is right for you, it’s us at Rod’s Kitchens.

What are the Joneses spending?

According to the 2019 Houzz & Home Renovation Trends Study, the average spend on kitchen renovations grew by 16% in the past year to reach a median of $20,000. The previous year had already established kitchens as the most popular choice for a remodel, and 2020 looks set to carry that trend further.

What’s the real answer?

But these numbers are just that, trends in housing and renovations. Building a kitchen that you’ll love isn’t about hitting some magic number. It is much more about figuring out what you are most after and establishing how best to spend whatever budget you do have.

It all comes down to two big questions:

  • What do you want from your kitchen?
  • How do you want it to look and function? 

At Rod’s Kitchens, we recommend that every one of our customers be thorough in their research. Looking at what’s possible is going to give you a better idea of what you’re after, and the costs involved in achieving that in your own home.

Seek out quotes

Part of doing your research will be seeking out quotes. But also, spend the time to develop an understanding of what each quote includes. When developing an idea of the budget you need to have set aside to build your dream kitchen, the quotes that hurt the least to look at are going to be enticing. But make sure you know what you’re getting.

An independent remodelling contractor isn’t quoting you for the designs. A designer isn’t quoting you for the build, and neither of them is going to quote you for the time you spend on logistics.

At Rod’s Kitchens, we believe that a specialist kitchen builder is a way to go. A reputable and accredited full-service kitchen builder is going to quote you for the whole project and give you the best idea of how much you might need to set aside to build the kitchen you want.

Build a kitchen you’ll love with Rod’s Kitchens

At Rod’s Kitchens, we have the expertise and the resources to build you the kitchen you’ll love for years to come. With designs ranging from rustic through to modern, and teams of highly experienced kitchen builders to help bring them to life, we can guide you through the whole process.

We’ve helped thousands of customers build their dream kitchen. Get started with Rod’s Kitchens by getting in contact with us today!

Rod’s Kitchens have been specialising in designing and installing custom-built kitchens since 1979 from our Underwood factory, and as of 2008 at our new and bigger premises at Meadowbrook that includes our Brisbane Showroom.
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