It’s no secret – cooking comes with its fair share of mess. That’s why everyone should make sure they have the right type of splashback fitted for their kitchen. But what makes for the perfect fit? And how can you choose a design that works with your sense of taste? Well, we’ve put together some of our favourite ideas that you can use for inspiration. Check out this blog from the team at Rod’s Kitchens to find out more.

  • Toughened glass

Want a splashback that is beautiful, durable and easy to clean? Toughened glass is just the thing. This product can be painted in all kinds of designs on the reverse and has the right level of opacity to really show things off. The result being a unique look that will complement any type of kitchen, be it contemporary or classical in style. Play with lighting in fun ways and you can create a wonderful atmosphere using a toughened glass splashback.

  • Mirrored/silvered glass

We love the impact of a mirrored or silvered glass splashback. The reason being that these designs are perfect for making a style statement and will take your kitchen to a whole new level. Expect an easy to clear surface that’s resistant to wear and tear. Experiment with different features throughout your space and know that this option will always impress in the right ways.

  • Printed glass

Printed glass is something that all homeowners will appreciate due to its versatility. You can choose from a variety of different visual finishes to really capture the eye, and know that you’ll never have to settle for something that’s below exceptional. This material is perfect for home master chefs and will stand up to all the rigours of whipping up a storm. Add a touch of character to your home and enjoy the fact that a colourful design will only camouflage oil marks and splashes that are bound to come about. As for cleaning, simply wipe with a microfibre cloth – you don’t even need fancy soaps or chemicals. 

  • Slumped glass

If you’re struggling for space, then slumped glass makes for a fantastic option. The reason being that a slumped, mirrored glass creates the illusion that’s there lots of room to move. You can go for all kinds of great designs to match and will love what’s on offer. Keep in mind that the 3 dimensional nature of this product can make cleaning a little more difficult. And don’t forget that slumped glass is not toughened, so it needs to be 200mm or more from the nearest burner. 

  • Glass tiles

Glass tiles offer a great visual look and can be designed using a range of colours. Available in different sizes based on your needs, they offer a unique look that will always draw the eye. Ceramic tiles are resistant to wear and tear plus they’re easy to clean. That’s a win-win in anybody’s book. 

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