Putting together a new kitchen is no easy task these days, particularly as designers are so spoilt for choice. From gold themes to matte finishes and everything in between, it’s easy to get lost in some truly amazing options. That’s why staying on top of the most popular trends is a smart move if you are looking to find inspiration for your own build. Check out our top 17 modern kitchen design ideas below and you’ll be doing just that.

1. Natural light

Anyone who loves the great outdoors will appreciate the difference that natural light can make to the look and feel of a kitchen. Be sure to include plenty of widow space in your design and think about adding a skylight to take things to a bright new level.

2. Gold features

Adding gold decorations and finishes is a great way to give your kitchen a shiny twist. We recommend a gold theme if you love a bit of decadence and can see yourself whipping up delicious meals to match. Think everything from gold candles and artwork to gold dining ware and more.

3. Plain and simple

There’s nothing wrong with going basic when it comes to your kitchen design. In fact, a plain and simple idea is a fantastic way to add uniqueness to your home and avoid clutter at the same time. Stick with the necessities and scratch everything else.

4. Luxury

This will appeal to anyone who lives a lavish lifestyle and wants to prepare their food in an amazing setting. To create a truly luxurious kitchen, you’ll want spectacular table tops, finishes and artwork. An over-the-top chandelier wouldn’t be out of place either.

5. Warm and cosy

Stay nice and warm in a cosy kitchen abode with intimate decorations, stools and plenty of homely candles. There’s no going wrong with this modern design idea as long as you stay true to your heart and include everything that will help you to beat the winter blues.

6. One colour to rule them all

Lord of the Rings references aside, you’ll be able to create an awesome kitchen by sticking to a theme that celebrates one colour above all else. Rich red tones or cooling blues provide plenty of scope and will leave you loving your new kitchen build for years to come.

7. Lots of colours

Go a bit wild with your colour selection and opt to include as many as you can. The good thing about having a range of colours is that you don’t have to fret over what is included and what isn’t. Take a trip to your local paint store for inspiration or simply keep an eye out for a rainbow, should you forget what your options are.

8. Creative and fun

Feel free to have fun with your kitchen design by including plenty of creative elements. It could be an amazing mural on the wall or tiles that showcase a particular image or print. Maybe you could include something from your favourite artist, friend or family member.

9. Glass for a clear view

Glass is a fantastic way to add something different to your design. Be sure to include plenty of glass decorations such as vases, jars and lights and incorporate views of your backyard to truly maximize impact.

10. Artistic

Channel your inner Picasso or let a professional do it for you. Hang some artistic pieces throughout your kitchen and consider having a sculpture of sorts on display to really bring things home. Kitchens that boast plenty of artwork will always attract visitors, regardless of whether they are hungry or not.

11. Classic

A classic kitchen has plenty of staple items to remind people of what works. Feel free to draw ideas from friends and family or go with your own image of how things should be laid out. Start with plenty of bench space, some dining stools, soft floorboards and cupboards to match.

12. Mix and match

Combine whatever elements you like to create a dynamic space that doesn’t follow the rules. Mix and matching offers plenty of flexibility to designers and is a smart idea if you can’t decide on a particular theme. Think classic artwork, stainless steel finishes and plenty of plant life. There’s no going wrong.

13. Crisp and white

Choose a crisp and white themed kitchen if you like the idea of walking into a clean and vibrant space. Expect white walls and similarly coloured accessories and appliances. As for the benchtops… Well you guessed it. You’ll want a white finish that truly captures what you are trying to achieve. Marble or painted timber are great options here.

14. Stainless steel

Get metallic and opt for a stainless steel inspired kitchen and you won’t have any trouble standing out from the crowd. This is one way to achieve a sleek, industrial feel and is something that can look stunning. From cabinets and drawers to the appliances themselves, make sure that you stick to the theme to really hit the mark.

15. Dark accents

Celebrate your cooking space with dark accents that provide great character and atmosphere. Incorporate old, wooden furniture to match your benchtops in rich colours for great results. Complement your design choice with some gorgeous candles and soft overhead lighting.

16. Plant life

Celebrate everything that is green by inviting plenty of plant life into your kitchen. Start with some humble pot plants and then grow towards your very own herb garden to add a flavour boost to your cooking. Remember to water everyday for best results.

17. Matte finishes

Break away from tradition with a matte finish that will impress guests and leave them coming back for more. This is a fun way to add a unique touch to a kitchen and offers a somewhat rough, yet shiny, painted finish. It’s non-glossy by design and one way to score extra points with the judges.

Make your dreams come true with our modern kitchen design ideas

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