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1402, 2015

Kitchen Design Priorities: Practicality and Style

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Practicality is the first priority when planning a new kitchen design. When remodeling a kitchen design, you should consider having sufficient space, good lighting and proper ventilation to enable comfortable mobility around the kitchen and [...]

1601, 2015

Kitchen Design Considerations

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The kitchen is an essential part of every household. It is where fond memories of family gatherings are made and enjoyable discussions usually take place. If you are planning to renovate your kitchen or want a [...]

712, 2014

Rod’s Kitchens Helped Me Achieve My Dream Kitchen

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Rod’s Kitchens talented customer service team exemplifies great designs by maximising space availability and refurbishing kitchen appearance at an affordable price regardless of the kitchen size or style. Rod’s Kitchens has over 35 years of [...]

710, 2014

Necessity for Upgrading Kitchens

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Many homeowners value their kitchens as a major part of their household. They are willing to shell out extra dollars to invest in an updated kitchen where their favorite cuisine is usually prepared. Renovating the [...]

2307, 2014

10 Things to Lookout When Shopping for a New Kitchen

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1. Be on the lookout for high pressure salesman. If a special price can't be given straight away by the salesman, it probably wasn't that special in the first place. 2. Insurance not paid It [...]

704, 2014

Tips When Selecting a Reputable Kitchen Designer

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John and Sarah were renovating their home. They believed that the kitchen is the heart of any household so they spent considerable time planning their ideal kitchen. Between them they discussed their desired kitchen materials [...]