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Why Keeping Your Kitchen Countertops Clean is Important?

Why Keeping Your Kitchen Countertops Clean is Important?

Kitchens are a purpose driven part of the house. At Rod’s Kitchens, we take pride in designing and building beautiful and functional spaces that our customers will love for years to come. The best way to make sure that you’re getting the best out of your kitchen is to stay on top of your cleaning.

As the old saying goes, cleanliness is next to godliness, and how you look after your kitchen space is a great example. In this article, we want to talk specifically about the importance of keeping your kitchen countertops clean.

Regular Cleaning Will Keep Your Countertops Looking Good

You’ll have to forgive us for wanting to talk about finishes and materials first up. We love finding the right combinations of material and finish to bring out the best in our customers’ new kitchens.  The countertop is such a visible aspect of your kitchen that it seems an obvious choice to spend that little bit extra to get the exact look you want.

Keeping your countertop clean and spending a little bit of time on maintenance every once in a while, is by far the best way to keep the investment you made looking great for years to come. A quick wipe down after you’re done cooking and keeping an eye out for excess moisture is enough day-to-day. But getting into some deeper maintenance every once in a while is going to keep your countertops looking great both now and down the track.

Bacteria Build-Up

Beyond wearing more quickly, a dirty countertop is also kind of dangerous. A cluttered and grimy countertop is an ideal location for the growth of bacteria. Keeping working surfaces like your countertops clean and sanitary is the best way to eliminate the risk of consuming harmful food-borne bacteria. 

We recommend finding a spray on sanitiser that is suitable for your countertop, and making it a part of your clean-up to give your countertop a quick once-over. Beyond keeping you and your family safe from harmful bacteria, a clean and sanitary countertop surface will help stave off the risk of pests taking an interest in anything you’ve left out.

A Greater Pleasure to Use

Many of us wish we cooked more., and a surprisingly big part of making that happen is just getting out of your own way. Keeping your kitchen space clean, and particularly the working areas like your countertops, is a great way to make it easier to jump in and get cooking when the opportunity presents itself.

There is nothing so discouraging as getting home with the best of intentions and realising you’re going to have to spend the first 15 minutes or longer cleaning up just to get started. A clean space to get to work in makes it easy and boosts your chances of cooking better food with greater regularity!

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