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10 Tips When Selecting a Reputable Kitchen Designer

John and Sarah were renovating their home. They believed that the kitchen is the heart of any household so they spent considerable time planning their ideal kitchen. Between them, they discussed their desired kitchen materials based on their available household space and budget.

They carefully selected their preferred cabinet maker, as they were fully aware that this would be crucial in creating their dream kitchen. They sought referrals from friends and associates and visited various showrooms during weekends. After taking a few visits to the showroom, they selected ABC Kitchens (not their real name) known kitchen designers for the past four years.

John liked the initial ABC Kitchens’ display kitchens presented. Sarah got the impression that John understood what they wanted. It seemed ABC Kitchens was a decent company composed of a reliable team that caters to multiple clients at that time.

John and Sarah finally decided to work with the ABC kitchen designer and drafted the design they had envisioned. Initially, everything was moving well as discussed.

1 - Conflict begins

Soon after the payment of the initial deposit, several problems began to unfold. Sarah queried why the installation date for her kitchen was moved to three weeks longer than expected. The kitchen designer refused to return her calls regarding the minor variations she wanted to the plan. During the installation of the kitchen, John noticed it was not executed as planned. Drawers and doors were smaller, could not be easily adjusted and very gappy. The sink and tap were of inferior quality. The plumber and electrician did not finish their jobs on the expected final day of installation. John and Sarah had to wait two weeks for the tiler to finish his task.

2 - Problems continue

There were a handful of the ‘niggly’ problems John and Sarah had to face. What's worse was that the ABC team was quite reluctant to respond to the couple, making continuous excuses despite receiving the initial payment. Tension and frustration grew between both parties. In the end, John and Sarah accepted that they would have to live with these annoying problems.

3 - Valuing its clients

Being in the kitchen business for over 35 years, Rod’s Kitchens has heard John and Sarah’s story many times. In such instances, quality ends up second to priority.

At Rod's Kitchens, we give our direct mobile phone numbers so that our clients can contact us directly if you need to clarify any concern that crops up.

We respect that our client’s time is valuable. We provide timely services so as not to delay any stage of the project.

4 - Client’s satisfaction is key

A new kitchen is an investment and something that most clients don’t undertake lightly. Despite Rod's Kitchens's busy schedule installing 7-10 kitchens each week, we ensure that our clients are happy with the design and are given the chance to choose the right materials and the opportunity to transact with highly qualified ancillary tradespeople.

We are not biassed toward any product or finish and give an honest overview of the features and benefits of the client’s chosen finish and recommend a product that will assist in achieving the look you desire within your budget.

5 - 3D Plans

As clients often experience trouble visualizing the final result, Rod’s Kitchens designers will send three-dimensional drawings of the proposed kitchen, without the client being pressured to come into the showroom. This happens before the client even commits to employing Rod's Kitchens's services.

6 - Building trust and confidence

Before signing up with us, the client will be given all their options on designs and materials, demonstrating Rod's Kitchens expertise and satisfying the client’s needs beyond expectation.

As a token of your trust with us, we only ask for an initial 10% deposit. No further payment is sought until the chosen kitchen design is satisfactorily installed.

7 - Right elements and tools

Valuing the client’s desired kitchen designs, Rod’s Kitchens designers give the clients some leeway to study the agreed designs and discuss every measurement of the designs in detail before executing the planned project.

Drawer heights, shelf numbers, and other related details will be discussed thoroughly as part of the design process. Our company director will take over the technical building and quality control aspect of your kitchen. This adds a fresh set of eyes to manage the project and ensure the building process is executed on time.

8 - Employing the best

Rod’s Kitchens staff are highly competitive individuals and everyone wants to associate with the very best people doing quality kitchens. Healthy competition exists within our organization to ensure that we continue to strive to create quality kitchens.

9 - Detailing timely installations 

Clients are well-informed of the installation date from the start of the project until the final completion of the new kitchen.

Generally, 95% of our kitchens are fully installed in a day to minimize any inconvenience to the family members with an attached 10-year warranty.

10 - Affordable and quality work

Employing Rod’s Kitchens services will save you money. We may not be the cheapest in town, but in terms of high-quality kitchens, we definitely provide the best options.

We understand what a functional kitchen means to a household.  We ensure that your dream kitchen will be within your reach.

Rod’s Kitchens have been specialising in designing and installing custom-built kitchens since 1979 from our Underwood factory, and as of 2008 at our new and bigger premises at Meadowbrook that includes our Brisbane Showroom.

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