Remodelling a Smaller Kitchen – How to Make it Look Great!

Remodelling a Smaller Kitchen – How to Make it Look Great!

Looking to remodel a small kitchen space? You’re in luck! Smaller kitchen spaces are some of our favourites to work with. This might come as a surprise to some. But consider this, a smaller kitchen gives our designers some constraints to work with, it pushes us and our clients to get creative and often produces some truly impressive results.

Whether you’re looking to build from scratch or remodelling an existing space, there are some things we recommend that you consider when making decisions about how your kitchen remodel will look, feel and function. Read on below to find out more!

Show restraint

Renovating a kitchen is an exciting process. But when it comes to making decisions about what you’re going to do with your space, it’s important to show some restraint. Smaller kitchens are best kept quite utilitarian and can quickly become cluttered or claustrophobic if too many decisions pull the function and aesthetics of the space in too many directions.

This doesn’t mean you can’t make personal choices and create a space that is uniquely yours! It just means being careful about how you choose the tones, materials and arrangement of your new kitchen.

Don’t be afraid to use colour

A kitchen remodel is an opportunity to create the space you want. At Rod’s Kitchens, we encourage our customers to make their space theirs with a use of colour that is special to them. Particularly in a smaller kitchen space, your use of colour takes on a whole new significance, as it will help shape the way that you engage with the space visually.

A feature floor, with a bold colour, pattern or material choice is a great way of drawing the eye into the spaces of the room, as opposed to remaining focussed on the bench tops and eye level detailing. A feature wall, or an interesting splashback, can also have the effect of creating a sense of space.

Get creative with your storage

Smaller spaces demand that you get organised. We recommend having a good look around at any creative storage options that might inspire you. At Rod’s Kitchens, we particularly love storage solutions like wall hangings, pan hooks and wall mounted knife blocks; solutions that double as a feature piece in your kitchen remodel.

Renovate your kitchen with Rod’s Kitchens

Rod’s Kitchens are the Brisbane based specialists helping families and homeowners create beautiful kitchen spaces of their own. Whether you’re building from scratch or looking to reinvigorate an existing kitchen space with a fresh remodel, you can look to the team at Rod’s Kitchens to look after you all the way through the process.

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