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10 Things to Lookout When Shopping for a New Kitchen

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1. Be on the lookout for high pressure salesman.
If a special price can't be given straight away by the salesman, it probably wasn't that special in the first place.

2. Insurance not paid
It is illegal for a company to build your kitchen without paying insurance. You should be given a copy of the paid policy.

3. Misleading installation dates
It is a common industry practice to provide you an installation date to get you to pay a deposit, only to change the date later and let you down.

4. Substandard materials
This is not usually obvious until you start having problems with your kitchen.

5. Bias towards certain finishes
You should be given the pros and cons on all finishes, the final decision rests with you.

6. Limiting colour choices
Their costs are kept down by bulk buying, nothing wrong with that as long as they can provide a full colour range.

7. Wasteful voids
This is a real problem with mass produced cupboards and not customised to your special needs.

8. Clip on kickboards
They look unsightly and are not finished off to high standards.

9. Wall oven and pantry sides not the same finish as doors
A major cost cutting method for the manufacturer.

10. Finish around breakfast bar not same as doors
This is another cost-cutting method for the manufacturer.

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